Our Company
Is Our Family


At the Motyl Group we value one another as Family. Our restaurant teams, guests, corporate partners, and even furry friends all support one another daily through kindness and compassion. Our Tim’s Family extends all over the world and we are grateful beyond measure to be a part of such an incredible bond.


We truly believe that fun must be a part of our everyday language.  From learning new product assembly to creating unique beverages – fun must be a part of our conversations and environment!

Values That Drive Us Forward


At the Motyl Group our core value system not only defines what we do – it defines who we are.  

We have five core pillars supporting our value system.   These pillars also help guide us through our daily endeavours. 


In our humble opinion we believe that personal and professional development go hand-in-hand. Through continuous training and restaurant education, we develop skills that enhance our abilities, leading to both personal and professional growth.


The passion of our Teams, of our Guests, and for our Brand, creates positive energy as well as a positive space! We love what we do and we hope to provide a space to be enjoyed by others who also share in our passion.


It is imperative to us that our ideals and actions align consistently. Whether you are visiting us at one of our restaurants or assisting our wonderful guests, we strive to make each moment truly genuine.


Gracious, respectful, honest, trustworthy, and hardworking are just some of the adjectives we believe describe integrity - as well as our third supporting pillar. We enthusiastically encourage integrity amongst one another and our guests.


By using individual skills and providing constructive feedback, our teams work together to improve both themselves and our restaurants continuously. Teamwork is described as both selfless and respectful. It is truly a critical component of our core value system - and we certainly value both our team and our work!

A Positive Space With Positive Taste

Our Amazing Team

Comprising of an executive team with over twenty-five years of restaurant management experience in development, marketing, operations, and philanthropy, we are passionate to envelope you in a feeling that ‘welcomes you home’ – while serving you our world class cup of coffee.

Interested In Joining This Amazing Family?

We’re always looking to welcome new passionate team members to join The Motyl Group. If you would like to start on your very own path to success in the hospitality industry with a family-like team and a fun environment, please click below to apply today!